Between the Lines

Any Way You Put It


You are likely reading this after the election, and already one of the following three scenarios is unfolding.

One: In a Brexit-like upset, Donald J. Trump mobilizes a coalition of Flyover Country “deplorables,” traditional nonvoters, and those who either lied to or refused to answer pollsters, and is elected President of these United States.

The oligarchs rush for the exits, the stock market plunges, the elites howl loudly, and the hired thugs of the DNC spring into action.  Riots spread through cities on both coasts.

Washington goes into mourning, lobbyists drape themselves in black, and the editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post flee to Canada.  Meanwhile, this writer contemplates the awful prospect of having to explain the actions of a president whose words and deeds and 3 a.m. tweets are quite often inexplicable.

Two: In a verbatim reiteration of the media’s fondest and transparent wish, Trump is subjected to a Goldwater-like trouncing, with only the South (perhaps with the exception of Georgia), Texas (by a hair), and one district in Maine staying in the red column.  Everywhere else, a “blue wave,” as...

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