Anarcho—Utopia Revisited

Several years back, I was a contributor to the eponymous website of Lew Rockwell, founder of the libertarian Ludwig Von Mises Institute at Auburn University.  In addition to publishing my syndicated column, the site also permitted me access to its blog.  One day, in a blog post, I denied a dogma of Austrian economics, that of self-ownership.  Because a man owns himself, the late Austrian economist Murray Rothbard said, he may do anything to himself he wishes (thus suicide and abortion are not moral abominations), but he may do no physical violence to, or steal from, another.  I explained that self-ownership is a logical impossibility, because ownership requires a superior-subordinate relationship.  A man cannot be superior or subordinate to himself.

I was excommunicated.  No more posting at  Now comes Catholic lawyer and writer Christopher Ferrara with an entire book to educate the Austrians where I could not.

Ferrara likely would not have devoted such time to libertarian Austrian ideology if the Mises Institute and its chief acolytes, Lew Rockwell, Jeffrey Tucker, and best-selling author Tom Woods, did not claim Austrian ideology is compatible with the Catholic Faith—while declaring that Church social teaching on the economy is wrong.  Popes, the Misesians argue, know nothing of economics and have no right to discuss anything touching on how an economy should work. ...

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