Anarcho-Tyranny, Here and There

In recent decades, conflict within the broader conservative universe has witnessed the increasing marginalization of traditionalists, who consistently refuse to accommodate their detractors’ leftist ideological worldview.  The camp that has been triumphant—so far—has generally been the one most willing to betray principle for temporary electoral convenience, as well as to sacrifice the loyalty of its core constituents for the sponsorship of a faceless plutocracy.  The most obvious consequence is that mainstream conservatism today has become defined by the sloganeering and hucksterism of opportunists more properly described as the fundraising arm of social liberalism than as a sincere oppositional force to leftist advance.

Warnings about the danger of liberal mimicry within the “right” are predictably greeted with scorn.  But while alternatives to popular neoconservatism are denounced as anachronistic, the marginalization of traditionalists is never quite complete.  This is particularly true if the resistance to the progressive project is stubborn and sincere, instead of compromising and pragmatic.  It’s especially true when traditionalists are less interested in political prestige, but instead seek to correct the mind-numbing homogeneity of the ruling political elite.  As a consequence, only in debates that embarrass both wings of the mainstream political spectrum can...

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