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An Unhinged World

A few years after he was removed from office in 1890, Otto von Bismarck remarked that “Europe today is a powder keg, and the leaders are like men smoking in an arsenal.”  At present, the Iron Chancellor’s dictum is applicable to the entire planet.

The most important event by far this year has been Europe’s abdication of immigration controls along its vulnerable Mediterranean coast.  The newcomers, overwhelmingly Muslim Arab and sub-Saharan African trespassers in Italy, are being resettled all over Western Europe, with no thought of repatriation.  This year alone their number will exceed the size of Napoleon’s half-million-strong Grande Armée in 1812.  The boat invasion total for 2013-15 is already equal to the strength of Hitler’s Barbarossa divisions.  They do not come with guns but with Islamic beliefs, unpleasant habits, and natural abilities and long-term ambitions that are at odds with those of most Europeans.  The invading horde comprises mostly aspiring welfare-state parasites.  They will turn ever more banlieues into the mirror image of their horrid homelands.  Combined with the long-established and exponentially growing Muslim diaspora of some 30 million in the European Union and the continuing collapse of native Europeans’ birthrates, it is an even bet that Europe’s terminal demise will be complete by the second half of...

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