Between the Lines

An Unexpected Sea Change

One minute we were just waiting for the bombs to drop on Syria.  The next we were listening to the President tell us why it was a good idea—but never mind!

What in the heck happened?

The American people rose up, that’s what happened.  They called their representatives in Congress and told them, in no uncertain terms, No!  It wasn’t organized—or, at least, it wasn’t all that organized.  And it certainly wasn’t supported or anticipated by the “mainstream” news media: Indeed, these war mavens, who never met an “humanitarian” intervention they could oppose, were insistent on the absolute necessity of following Dear Leader into this latest folly—in the name of avenging “the children,” of course.

For months the Syrian “opposition”—a motley collection of Al Qaeda fanatics, ex-Ba’athist officers, and ordinary thugs—had been warning of an imminent “atrocity” on the part of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.  Hoping to provoke U.S. intervention, they conceived a number of unimaginative hoaxes, based on YouTube footage and supposedly firsthand accounts, all about as credible as the rebels’ claims of “secular” allegiance.  When this didn’t work, they resorted to threats, with one rebel “commander” openly declaring...

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