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An Uncertain Trump

During the seemingly endless presidential campaign, Donald Trump was often both courageous and decisive, repeatedly refusing to back down from “gaffes” that were unpopular with the media because they were actually expressions of the populist nationalism that won him the White House.  Since entering the White House, though, it often seems that, rather than draining the Swamp, Trump is being drained by it.  The Wall is not even a blueprint yet, there has been no effort to introduce a tariff-like mechanism to address the decline of U.S. manufacturing, and there has been no détente with Russia—all items Trump campaigned on.

Some of this failure to advance his campaign agenda is the result of the unprecedented attack leveled at Trump by the media, the left, and the leading lights of our debased popular culture.  But much of it is owing to the indifference or even hostility to the concerns of those who elected Trump among congressional Republicans and those whom Trump chose to guide him through the Swamp.

A recent survey of congressional Republicans by USA Today found only a quarter of them telling the newspaper that they supported building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a signature issue for Trump.  To be sure, a number of GOP congressmen simply ignored the paper’s survey.  But Congress’s actions since Trump’s inauguration are in accord...

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