Cultural Revolutions

An Unappetizing Prospect

John Kerry may have blown it already.  After an impressive come-from-behind nab of the Democratic nomination this winter, the Massachusetts senator seemed ready to offer a formidable threat to the bubblehead who currently takes up space in the White House.  Faced with economic erosion, the loss of American jobs to outsourcing, the disenchantment of his conservative base over amnesty, homosexual “marriage,” and budgetary deviations, and saddled with an increasingly bloody, costly, and unsuccessful war in Iraq as well as accusations of incompetence in anticipating the September 11 attacks, President Bush looked very much like a political sitting duck that would easily be knocked over by Mr. Kerry or any other presentable Democrat.

Yet, within a few weeks, Mr. Kerry was ceasing to look quite so presentable.  First, there was his . . . well . . . “personality.”  Mr. Kerry’s main achievement in the first few weeks after the end of the primaries was to establish that he had none.  He succeeded in turning the phrase “empty suit” into a cliché and (always a bad sign for presidential contenders) providing fodder for Jay Leno’s gagwriters.

Then there was the little matter of Mr. K’s dubious past.  The White House and its propagandists in the “conservative movement” brushed up on Mr. Kerry’s vacuous (and then-fashionable) anti-American...

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