Cultural Revolutions

Amnesty, for the Record

It is not a stretch, perhaps, to regard the Senate vote of over two thirds (68-32) in favor of a mass amnesty of illegal immigrants as signaling the eclipse of the historic American people, those brave and liberty-loving folk who created the United States out of a continental wilderness.  The bill has the Orwellian title “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization.”  A good many of the senators who voted for the bill were around to vote for earlier immigration laws that they knew would never be enforced.

Much less attention is paid to the political differences of regions these days than used to be the case, except for occasional references to Red and Blue States or when occasion arises to exorcise the South for being the center of all evil opposition to the progressive agenda.  But region remains a major consideration to the extent that traditional roots and attitudes persist in some places.

My fellow secessionist Bill Cawthon pays attention to these things, and his analysis of the Senate vote on amnesty shows the same thing that he has found to be the case on every major leftist measure passed in the last half-century.  The South is the only region that has voted a majority against revolutionary measures.

In the northeastern United States (24 votes) only one senator, Toomey of Pennsylvania, voted nay.  The other three Republicans voted yea. ...

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