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Rael Jean Isaac and Erich Isaac: The Coercive Utopians: Social Deception by America's Power Players; Regnery Gateway; Chicago.

For about the past 15 years it has gradually been dawning on an increasing number of Americans that the people who rule their country are not entirely under their control. Bureaucracies en­force regulations no legislature ever passed; legislatures enact laws no voter ever wanted; judges pronounce deci­sions foreign to law and conscience; and the mass media express opinions no one else ever thought. Although Rael Jean and Erich Isaac do not explicitly seek to account for this phenomenon, their book does provide at least a partial explana­tion of it. In the last generation certain key positions in the national elite have been unduly and rather cryptically in­fluenced or captured by elements of an alien and hostile ideological faction. This movement of "coercive utopians" harbors a profound hatred for the American social system and for the mainstream of American life; because it has been able, by force and fraud, to insinuate itself into positions of power, it has imposed several of its bizarre ideas on the Amer­ican people without asking or even wanting their consent.

The Coercive Utopians is a com­prehensive, methodical, and carefully documented study of the activities, political and cultural influence, funding, and interconnections of the assorted...

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