American Icons

From Lincoln to the Surf Nazis

“Thou shalt not portray a white male in an heroic light.”  Thus reads the first commandment of the politically correct.  Ever since the late 1960’s, the cultural Marxists have been engaged in a drive to destroy American heroes—if they are white males.  This was not always a difficult task.  Historians from an earlier generation had already begun to chip away at these heroes.  Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt were vulnerable to revisionist interpretations because they had often been treated not just simply but simplistically.  Complex and imperfect human beings were reduced to pure and virtuous icons—soft targets, made-to-order for debunkers and revisionists.  What was a largely worthwhile effort to paint more sophisticated, nuanced, and penetrating portraits of American icons, however, became, in the hands of the cultural Marxists, a mission to destroy the legitimacy of the figures altogether—part of a broader effort to deconstruct Western civilization.

Why people become cultural Marxists and engage in such a mission is a question for psychologists.  Do they hate themselves?  Their parents?  Their religion?  What dysfunction causes them to loathe the nation and civilization of their birth?  What trauma or alienation causes them to hate the things most of us love?  I remember a strange, cynical, and cowardly...

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