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America Mispriced

Warren Buffett once joked that only when the tide goes out do we realize who’s been swimming naked.  Hurricane Harvey’s gale force winds and 50-plus inches of rain will give Houstonians a similarly embarrassing realization.  Cable news channels fire-hosed viewers with minute-by-minute coverage of the Bayou City’s destruction, raking in advertisers’ dollars by pandering to television addicts’ insatiable appetite for vicarious pain and suffering.  Devastation seems that much more enjoyable when it happens to a Trump-supporting, retrograde state somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line out there in flyover country.

Live reports provided an ethnographic jackpot for Democrat Party strategists to mine for the 2020 presidential election cycle.  Risking their lives on humanitarian rescue missions, the sea dogs of the thoroughly deplorable Cajun Navy spiced their interviews with references to the “Republic of Texas.”  Such catchphrases likely triggered stampedes of enlightened editors and beta-male production staff to the warm and cozy safe spaces provided in their Acela corridor newsrooms.  How dare these trailer-park cretins, decked out in their Sunday best duck-hunting regalia and unironic facial hair, refer to Texas as anything other than an administrative branch of the federal Leviathan!  New York Times subscribers and Lululemon sales staff, still sweaty...

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