Between the Lines

Am I a Threat to National Security?

When I first saw the memo from the FBI’s counterterrorism center in Newark, declaring that I’m “a threat to National Security,” not to mention an “agent of a foreign power,” I was incredulous.  These can’t be real FBI documents, I thought to myself.  Someone is pulling my leg.

Sadly, no.  As I discovered upon further investigation, the memo is all too real.  The provenance of the documents, which indicate that the feds launched a “preliminary investigation” of myself,, and our webmaster, Eric Garris, is as follows: An obscure blogger made an FOIA request for information about the FBI’s investigation of the “High Fivers”—the five Israelis who were arrested on September 11 and held for six months on suspicion that they had some foreknowledge of the events on that dark day.  I wrote about this subject in the August 2003 issue of Chronicles—and, what do you know, that piece is included in the FBI file!  Isn’t it encouraging to learn that our state-subsidized sneaks are reading this magazine?

In any case, the documents are frightening—and not just because it shows that the feds may have been listening in on my phone calls, reading my e-mails, and rifling through my garbage.  They exhibit an overwhelming incompetence.  For example, the memo’s author—a high “counterterrorism”...

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