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Always Low Vices?

Has Mark Brennan any evidence of Wal­mart getting monopoly privileges in the United States, as he claimed in “Anarcho-Tyranny Versus . . . Walmart?” (American Proscenium, July)?  Is there any evidence for the truly grotesque accusation that Central American sex slaves end up in Walmart stores north of the border (or south of it for, that matter)?  Is Walmart engaged in pimping, then?

To put it otherwise, do the editors of Chronicles pay attention to what they print?

—John D. King

Austin, TX

Mr. Brennan Replies:

The editors of Chronicles “pay attention to what they print”; Mr. King should pay attention to what he reads.  In my article I cited Walmart’s status as Mexico’s largest employer with 209,000 workers.  This statistic introduced the fact that the retailer has long frustrated the Mexican expansion plans of its French competitor Soriana, whom I accused of underestimating “Walmart’s rent-seeking expertise.”  I then presented the commonly accepted definition of rent-seeking as the process by which interested parties “manipulate the political or social environment to redistribute wealth, often [emphasis added, in...

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