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Allahu Akbar, Indeed!

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By:Srdja Trifkovic | January 07, 2015

France is going to be transformed after today’s horror, or France will die. Having spent the holiday season in the South of France I can aver with some authority that the plutocrats are worried. They know that the chattering classes in the nation’s capital – led by the idiots of Bernard Henri Levy’s ilk – are on a long road to national suicide.

Marine Le Pen is suddenly salonfahig where her father was considered unclubbable but a decade ago. There is hope. The socialist consensus is not working.

Today’s murder of cartoonists who dared disrespect the paedophile Islamic monster – the satanic prophet of doom – will make or break this once-great nation. Some serious reexamination of France’s identity is long overdue.

It cannot and will not happen under Hollande. France will bounce back, or she will die.



1/8/2015 09:26 PM

  Dr. Trifkovic, when the two savages that mutilated Lee Rigby on a busy street, in broad daylight, near the poor victim's own Army base, were allowed to shuffle around and orate the catechsm of Islam for several minutes to passersby who videotaped the atrocity, I hoped that this could be a turning point. Finally, I thought, the masses will rise up against this global evil and thrust it from England. Alas, the cowed masses simply continued to slink along. When news of Muslim men grooming young girls for lives of drug dependence and prostitution was flashed around the world, the Anglo-saxon did what? Kept calm and carried on. It is hard to imagine what will necessary for the populations of Europe to finally wake up, if they still can.


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