All the World’s a Migrant Utopia

The writing is at long last on the wall for a world-famous migrant utopia that was founded in a tiny medieval town overlooking the Ionian Sea.

It has been a con from start to finish.

The little town of Riace in Calabria on the toe of Italy has been eulogized by the global left for quite some years now as the perfect solution to what it calls the “refugee crisis” in Europe and everyone else calls the “illegal migrant crisis.”

If only every town in Europe followed the example of Riace—they say—there would be no migrant crisis.

In 2016, Riace’s left-wing mayor, Domenico Lucano, who is the driving force behind the utopia, was even named as one of Fortune’s 50 most important world figures.  In 2010, Wim Wenders, the radical chic German film director whose work includes Paris, Texas and Buena Vista Social Club had made a short movie in his honor.

But then, in October of this year, 60-year-old Lucano was arrested after a lengthy inquiry begun in 2017 by the Guardia di Finanza, which accuses him of aiding and abetting illegal immigration.  He and 30 other people, including his “partner,” Tesfahun Lemlem, are under formal investigation for the alleged misuse of the taxpayer millions required to keep his multicultural migrant utopia going.  He is also accused, among other things, of arranging fake...

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