Aliens and Strangers

“Pope Francis: Caring for the Poor Doesn’t Make You a Communist,” screamed the headline the day before Halloween.  Perhaps not, I thought when I read the story, but why is it that caring for the world’s poor always seems to involve massive national and international programs of wealth transfer that might have been copied directly from the Communist Manifesto?

As it turned out, the newspapers had, as usual, lied.  The Pope actually said something quite different from what was being reported.  Speaking of the needs of the poor, without either gainful employment or a roof over their heads, he added, “It is strange, but if I speak about this some say, ‘The Pope is a Communist.’”  In other words, the admittedly unwary pontiff was doing nothing more dangerous than repeating the message of the Scriptures.

The media’s misrepresentation of the Pope’s remarks should come as no surprise.  The press has been a pack of liars from the beginning.  Imagine the headlines that would have announced Satan’s failed rebellion: Heaven Liberation Army Regroups for Final Assault.  Regime’s Gen. Michael Deploys Weapon of Mass Destruction.  The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden would have been reported on as a fact-finding sabbatical, and the Crucifixion, if it were to have been mentioned, would have been headlined Rebel Leader...

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