By:Eugene Girin | April 01, 2014

Recent events in the United Kingdom, show that moral Britain is not only dead, in the words of our own Christie Davis, but buried and forgotten. Consider the following two news items. 

First, the funeral of Tony Benn, the godfather of the hard Left in Britain, darling of that Midwestern socialist blowhard Michael Moore and the murdering terrorists of the IRA.  Cherie Blair, the former first lady of Albion was also in attendance and was seen hugging Martin McGuinness, the current Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and formerly Ulster's minister of education.

But McGuinness is no usual British politician. Far from it. For decades, he was one of the leaders of the Provisional IRA - the malevolent group that plunged Ulster into decades of bloody strife. Convicted of smuggling ammo (5,000 rounds of it) and explosives (250 kilos) by Republic of Ireland, McGuinness is directly responsible for hundreds of deaths, both civilian and military. The 1987 Remembrance Day bombing was one of the many terrorist outrages Mrs. Blair's dear friend was responsible for.  The IRA set off an explosion during a war dead remembrance ceremony in the town of Enniskillen, murdering ten civilians and police officer. 

McGuinness' merry lads have the blood of 944 soldiers and police and 644 civilians on their evil hands. But no matter. You see, Cherie Blair and her family are fashionably progressive. As a judge, Mrs. Blair suspended the sentence of a Muslim criminal because he was "religious" and during her tenure as first lady expressed sympathy for Palestinian suicide bombers mere hours after one exploded in Jerusalem murdering 19 people. Her half sister Lauren Booth became a Shiite Muslim and is an Islamist activist who befriended Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. The wretched sisters seem to have a thing for terrorists.

The second news item was the legalization of same-sex "marriage" by England and Wales over the weekend. The BBC came out (no pun intended) with a cheerful, gushing story, featuring the happy couples locking lips and smiling. The Archbishop of Canterbury announced that his church would be dropping its opposition to gay "marriage": "The law's changed; we accept the situation". Now that's true Christian leadership, Archbishop Welby! 

The article also featured Anglican vicar Andrew Cain who proudly announced he plans to marry his homosexual partner in the summer, with or without his church's approval.  "I won't be frightened by what the possible consequences are for me. I could lose my job, absolutely. Lose my job, my home and my place", announced Cain. Really, he should not be worrying about any of that. He will likely be held up as an example of the tolerance, acceptance, and diversity of the Anglican church who will bend over backwards (again, no pun intended, I assure you!) to accommodate him. Perhaps, some day Cain will even take Welby's place. 

Thus, a "church" originating in the unbridled desire of Henry VIII is accepting the unnatural desire celebrated by so many of its clerics and laity. Tragically, the Britain of G.K. Chesterton and Enoch Powell is dead and gone, replaced by the Britain of Cherie Blair and "Rev." Andrew Cain. What a shame.



4/1/2014 01:44 PM

  It is indeed tragic that the England of G.K. Chesterton is no longer. His is the England that I have wanted to visit since I was young.

raymond olson
st. Paul
4/1/2014 03:43 PM

  Dear Kelsey--Take care. The England of Chesterton was not a happy nor a moral place. If it had been, he would not have written most of what he did write.

Dan Hayes
Rego Park
4/1/2014 03:50 PM

  One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. This aphorism applies in our day in Northern Ireland just as it applied in the American Revolution where the cleansing of the Loyalist population took place. In his later years many of Washington's previous English adversaries honored a person they previously considered to be a terrorist. In many instances violence is the only way where positive (as well as negative!) political changes take place. This was demonstrated in Northern Ireland where the just political claims of the Catholics were met with intransigence until the reentry of the IRA. It may not be pretty but it's political reality.

4/1/2014 05:08 PM

  Mr. Girin, I'm sure you are aware of the centuries of British oppression in Ireland, including, but not limited to forced starvations, impression of slavery on tens of thousands of Irish who were then sold off to Barbados, the US, and other Caribbean locations, murder of women and children, the cultural genocide of largely snuffing out the Gaelic language, etc. You might want to consider this before you make black and white statements about the "malevolence" of Irish republican groups. If the blood of hundreds or thousands is on the hands of these Irish, then the blood of millions of Irish is on the hands of the British.

Eugene Girin
Forest Hills
4/1/2014 07:50 PM

  It seems my denunciation of the Provisional IRA terrorists touched a raw nerve. Certainly, I am aware and in no way excuse the English atrocities against the Irish and their Church (my less than positive opinion of the Reformation in England, as well as elsewhere is known to my friends like Dan Hayes). If I was a Catholic young man in 1970s Ulster, I suspect I would be sympathetic to the PIRA militants, as I would be to the Irgun if I was living in 1930s Palestine. But the PIRA was (is!) an evil bunch of leftist militants. As a pro-monarchy, pro-tradition, and pro-Church paleoconservative, I have nothing but contempt for the likes of Adams and McGuinness and their masked, Armalite-armed minions. The tragedy of the Cromwellian genocide and the Potato Famine in my opinion, do not excuse the actions of the PIRA, same as the bloody anti-Jewish pogroms in tsarist Russia did not excuse the brutality of the Jewish commissars during the Russian Civil War. Yes, the Loyalist militants were a terrible lot and the British mismanaged the Ulster situation, to be sure. But it was the PIRA that caused the most death and destruction and behaved in the most brutal and intransigent fashion. I heartily recommend the harrowing book "Watching the Door" by the brilliant Irish Catholic journalist Kevin Myers about his time in Ulster during the bloodiest years of the Troubles.


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