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Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

According to an April 2 report published by Intelligence Online, for some months now, Washington has been putting out feelers to various Islamic activists who spearhead the opposition to the Syrian regime.  According to this source, American diplomats are also cultivating contacts in Qatar with TV preacher Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, “with whom they frequently discuss the Syrian question.”  The Americans are said to be supported in this endeavor by the British, as evidenced by the Blair government’s approval of the sheikh’s visit to London last July.  “The Americans are counting on Qaradawi to help them bring together the moderate elements of the Moslem Brotherhood in Syria,” the report concludes, while the Saudi and Jordanian governments prefer to see a Sunni regime come to power in Syria as a counter to the growing Shiite influence in Iraq and Lebanon.

The veracity of this report needs to be confirmed, but, as Leon Hadar points out, “it doesn’t sound crazy if you take into consideration the current U.S. alliance with the pro-Iran Shiite fundamentalist parties in Iraq.”  The Iraqi scenario entailed replacing an unpleasant secularist autocrat with Ayatollah Sistani’s people.  And, to bring down Bashar al-Assad—another secularist autocrat who presents no threat to America—we are now cultivating some allegedly “moderate elements”...

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