Cultural Revolutions

Adiós, Interloper

A recent headline read “Dividing forces are mounting in Europe.”  A more charitable version might have said “Sovereignty Returning to European Countries” or “Self-Preservation on the Rise.”

“Until just a few weeks ago the European world seemed to be in order,” reports Handelsblatt.  “The freedom of travel [between E.U. countries] guaranteed by the Schengen Agreement was a functioning system and an enormously powerful symbol.”  And then something unexpected happened.  The Danish government decided to impose border checkpoints.  Danish officials realized that the free flow of people might not be such a good idea.  This bold and courageous move sits at the confluence of two recent events: the electoral success of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (upon whom the current government in Denmark relies for support) and the flooding of North Africans into Italy.

Thanks to the chaos spreading across North Africa (in part the result of the inflation of the U.S. dollar), a Camp of the Saints-style invasion of migrants from Libya, Tunisia, and sub-Saharan Africa has descended upon Italy.  In February, Italy declared an immigration emergency, as tens of thousands of migrants flooded its islands and coastal towns, sometimes outnumbering local inhabitants.  While p.c. elites welcomed such diversity, and globalists didn’t flinch from...

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