Between the Lines

Ada Missed the Boat

For the first time since the Reagan years a Republican took Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and even Michigan.  After years of waiting for the rise of the MARs (Middle-American Radicals), I hear the ghost of Sam Francis chortling with unrestrained mirth.

Trump took on the Clinton machine, the Republican Party, the media, the oligarchs, the neocons, and the national-security establishment—and he won.  A massive media campaign, the likes of which we have never seen before in this country, was unleashed against him.  A fifth column of NeverTrump Republican mandarins mobilized to stop him.  Every official victim group in the book howled and hurled imprecations—and it backfired so badly that it catapulted Trump into the White House.

The reaction of the media is a wonderful sight to behold: Shock, disbelief, horror, and now the most vicious, albeit weak, counterattacks.  The latest: Trump is a Nazi.  Proof?  A conference of barely 200 “Alt-Right” losers held in Washington, D.C., featured these basement-dwellers Sieg Heiling Trump’s victory.  And of course, the media demanded that Trump denounce the Alt-Right: When he did, in no uncertain terms, they just kept bringing it up, again and again.

These people lack the one quality that ideological entrepreneurs must possess: imagination.  And so we’ll be subjected to an endless loop of Mrs....

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