Since its founding in 1977, Chronicles has attracted considerable 
attention and acclaim for rigorous scholarship and fearless editorial integrity…


“You are to be commended for articulating and encouraging a cultural perspective based on the enduring values of American life.”

—     President Ronald Reagan


“It has been a pleasure to watch…Chronicles confront the smelly little orthodoxies of our time.”

—     Tom Wolfe, cultural critic and author


“The toughest, best-written and most insightful journal in America.”

—     Patrick Buchanan, author and former presidential candidate


“This is a magazine you guys [have] got to be all over…it’s just fantastic!”

—     Stephen K. Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald J. Trump


“When I read Chronicles, I know that I am not alone, and I feel more sure in my resolve, because truth is truth till the end of time.”

—     Anthony Esolen, classicist


"If you want your conservative principles stated boldly, proudly, and without compromise, then Chronicles is the magazine for you. Fiercely independent, intellectually challenging, and hard charging, Chronicles is the perfect antidote to the cultural Marxism that has poisoned our universities and is threatening to do the same to our society."

—     Roger D. McGrath, historian


What Our Members and Subscribers Have to Say...

  • “I can go back to Chronicles after several years and re-read. Always relevant, timely, and informative.”

  • “Offers perspective I don’t find elsewhere; intellectually stimulating.”
  • “Phenomenal. It is the essential magazine.” 
  • “The writing is consistently excellent. I usually read cover-to-cover. Glad I discovered it.”
  • Chronicles continues to deliver the finest and most intellectually stimulating cultural and political commentary.”
  • “I keep the entire magazine for reference later.”
  • “Keep up the good work! Chronicles is one of the few magazines published today that is well enough written to make it worth the effort to read.”
  • “Like the breadth of the articles. Like the columnists. Like the conservative tilt. Like the reference to past history as it relates to the present.”
  • “I cannot imagine my intellectual life without it.”
  • “Please maintain your role as the only authentic voice of traditional conservatism in America.”
  • “Put it this way—Chronicles is the only magazine I subscribe to and would not let my subscription lapse.”
  • “I enjoy the articles, book reviews, commentary, but especially the caliber of the writing.”
  • “The Chronicles magazine is outstanding. The leading conservative journal by far.”