Cultural Revolutions

Abortionists Thwarted

The murder of children in the womb in Aurora, Illinois, has been stayed, for the moment.  Planned Parenthood, the company that encourages and equips teenagers to fornicate so that it will have a steady stream of babies to kill (over a quarter of a million per year), began building a 22,000-square-foot, $7.5 million abattoir last fall.  In secret.

Pulling permits under the name of Gemini Office Development LLC, Planned Parenthood built the abortuary and concealed its purpose not only from the citizens of Aurora but from the tradesmen without whose skill and labor the building would not have been completed.  Why?  Because four years ago, in Austin, Texas, concrete contractor Christopher Danze brought to a halt the construction of a Planned Parenthood abortuary by rallying his fellow tradesmen and securing their pledges not to work on the project.  After slowing the project for several months and costing Planned Parenthood dearly in overruns, the boycott collapsed.  City officials bribed competitor Rainbow Concrete with an offer to make Superfund citations from an earlier project disappear.  Rainbow made the pour in the middle of the night but went out of business not long after.  To Danze, it was divine justice.

To Planned Parenthood, the ordeal that Danze put them through in Austin was a learning experience, one they had no desire to repeat once construction on their bigger, more expensive...

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