Abortion Politics in the Age of Trump

Abortion politics has consumed my adult life, starting in 1972 when, at 17, I helped defeat the abortion-legalization Measure B on Michigan’s ballot.  A few weeks later, on January 22, 1973—like December 7, 1941, a date that will live in infamy—the U.S. Supreme Court dive-bombed the country by erasing all state abortion laws—including in those states where killing babies was already legal—to make abortion on demand the lawless law of the land.  Had Americans been vigilant, they would have insisted that the U.S. House of Representatives immediately impeach the seven pro-abortion “justices,” and that the U.S. Senate remove them from office.

Since that year, about 60 million American babies, as well as countless millions in other countries influenced by American judicial malpractice, have been slaughtered.  Americans don’t suspect it, but, much as the ancient Carthaginians are remembered for child sacrifice, so America may be remembered two millennia hence for her own offerings to Baal-hamon.

I have now written a trilogy of reviews, covering the march toward the legalization of abortion, for this magazine.  A review of Defenders of the Unborn: The Pro-Life Movement Before Roe v. Wade ran in the January issue; a notice of