Abortion in the Age of Trump

The pro-life movement has made great strides in recent years, though many people who consider themselves active pro-lifers may not realize it.  That’s because the good news has all happened at the state and local levels.  State laws combining health-code restrictions on abortuaries with reasonable waiting periods and required ultrasounds have given local pregnancy-care centers, which now far outnumber abortuaries in every state of the union, the opportunity to offer more and more women an alternative to a “procedure” that they are likely to regret.

The opposition to such laws on the part of “pro-choice” activists has proved once again (as if further proof were needed) that their main concern has never been about women’s health (they reflexively oppose laws requiring abortuaries to meet the same health-code requirements as urgent-care clinics) or even their autonomy (“choice”).  An ultrasound provides a woman real information about the life developing within her, and pregnancy-care centers that offer ultrasounds to expectant mothers who are “abortion-minded” (that is, those who are strongly leaning toward abortion or have made an appointment for an abortion before visiting the pregnancy-care center) can tell you what a difference access to such information makes: In 80-plus percent of those cases, the abortion-minded woman chooses instead to carry her child...

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