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Aborted Economy

“Demography is destiny,” sociologists and demographers tell us.  No.  Morality is destiny.  Demography stems from that, as does economics.  Americans now are learning that lesson the hard way.

Tax rates, debt, deficits, trade policy, monetary policy, government spending, and other factors all affect economic growth and prosperity.  But they’re all trumped by demographics—and above that, morality.

America is now reaping the economic whirlwind of several long-term trends.  The Baby Boom of 1946 to 1965 nearly doubled the birthrate of the previous 15 years, which had included the birth-suppressing Great Depression and World War II.  Returning victorious GIs were eager to start their families, and Rosie the Riveter was even more eager for the maternity ward and the kitchen.  The 1950’s wasn’t the staid, puritanical period leftists like to demonize.  But Christian morality still held out until the deluge after 1965, as one can see in the movies of the two periods.

After 1965, the Birth Dearth struck.  Births eventually dropped by half.  And unlike previous low periods, there has been no strong recovery.  The culprit was the decline in morality accelerating in 1965: widespread use of the contraceptive Pill, the only generic drug with a capital letter; the New Morality, which institutionalized the old vices of fornication, adultery, and sodomy;...

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