Abolishing America

June was a depressing month for genuine conservatives.  Apart from the Supremes putting their stamp of approval on ObamaCare, the horrifying murders of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, unleashed a jihad against the Confederate Battle Flag (Beltway “conservatives” piled on in support of the jihadists), while a majority of the robed Politburo found the necessary “penumbras and emanations” in the “living constitution” to pull a right to “gay marriage” out of their collective hat.  In Congress, the Republican Party has yet again betrayed its base (and I don’t mean their billionaire donors) by helping the White House pass the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership.  So, will someone tell me again how voting for the Republicans does any good?

What is going on here is nothing less than what Alexander Hart of VDare.com has called a “campaign to abolish America.”  The vast expansion of state power through ObamaCare, the hatred directed at the South and one of the symbols of its resistance of Leviathan, and the “gay marriage” Supreme Court ukase are all elements of a single attack on America, our country’s religion, its traditions of limited government, our history, and the basis of any stable society, the family.

Connecting the appropriate dots is not too difficult.

Fifteen years...

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