In Memoriam

Aaron D. Wolf: A Man of Faith and Family

1973 – 2019

The executive editor of Chronicles, Aaron Wolf, died suddenly and tragically on Easter Sunday. He left behind a loving wife and six children, and colleagues and contributors to this magazine who admired him greatly.

Aaron worked for Chronicles for 20 years, and his journey reflects where the magazine and the conservative cultural movement it represents stands at this moment in time. Aaron came from Middle America, born into a city in the throes of industrial decay and a nation in cultural decline. His guiding principle during his editorship was that culture and values, rather than politics, will ultimately determine the fate of our civilization.

He was born into a family of Southerners who moved to Rockford, Ill., to work in the then-thriving city of factories. Both maternal and paternal grandparents left the poverty of Arkansas to make a better life in the land of Lincoln. Aaron’s parents maintained their bonds with the South, and kept the family’s history alive in Aaron’s mind.

The extended family was blue-collar. Ten uncles made their living in the Rockford factories. This background gave Aaron a built-in respect for the working class, which shaped his politics: he remained suspicious of free trade and unchecked immigration, because he knew how those things affected the people he knew and loved. 

Aaron’s Arkansas roots brought hard work, strong family...

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