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A Voice from Internal Exile on the Evil Party, the Stupid Party, and the Futility of Elections

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By:Eugene Girin | August 27, 2014

Rabbi Mayer Schiller was a close friend of Thomas Molnar, Sam Francis, and Joe Sobran. I described his life and views in a VDARE column some years ago. Rabbi Schiller is a staunchly paleoconservative Hassidic rabbi living in internal exile in the manner of Soviet dissidents in upstate New York and teaches at a prestigious private high school in Manhattan. I convinced him to make public a privately circulated column about the current political scene and that futile exercise we partake in every November.

Rabbi Schiller has this to say about the party of Dubya, Mad Dog McCain, and Romney:

Yes, it is true that the pseudo opposition party, symbolized by the large creature, aptly labeled Dumbo, claims to like Warfarism better than Welfarism, but we all know that these claims are cunning lies inevitably abandoned when possessing power (see 1968-1978, 1980-1988 etc. ad nauseum). And, despite increasingly weakened bleatings about restoring the morality of Christianity and Judaism,  these flag waving phonies are less concerned about Roe vs. Wade or the now lunatic sexual "policies" of the Manic Revolutionaries, aka the Democrats, than I am about the results of Australian Rules Football.

What about the Evil Party?

And yes, it is true that the Manic Revolutionary Party, having assumed power in 1932 has never, in effect, relinquished it. This pseudo, anti-Warfarism Party does bellow a bit about not liking endless, Imperial Warfarism, before plunging into yet another Messianic Crusade to "spread democracy" in Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Somalia and against whatever Islamic country we are bombing at present. They, too, do so love the wars. Remember, it was the donkey party that gave us manufactured incidents on the Rio Grande in order to invade Mexico in 1845. Yes, it's true that blowing up the Maine, and shouting "bully" was elephant fun, but who can forget the insatiably itch of Woodie who, clearly delusional even before his stroke, had over a hundred thousand Americans led to their slaughter in order to "fight the war to end all wars" and "promote democracy" in tandem with the Czar.

And, yes, the Manic Revolutionary Party pontificates on matters of ecology, while never seriously attempting to change our national life style which will eventually leave a planet unfit for all except a future remnant of hardy survivors.

Voting for the last time in 1976 (in '72, he wrote in American Independence Party candidate John Schmitz) - "I would've of course voted for Pat Buchanan if he made it on the New York ballot" - Rabbi Schiller has nothing but contempt for the "meaningless and, invariably distasteful, public spectacle" we call elections, especially presidential ones.

Fortunately, almost two thirds of Americans are sentient enough to disregard elections in non-presidential years, while a still encouraging 45% abstain from presidential voting. This would seem to indicate that, despite endless exhortations by technocrats, "educators" and our ruling class, many of us still know a con when we see it.

Leaving aside the strange anomaly of 1964, there are precious few Americans  alive who may yet harbor a childhood memory of elections which presented any alternative to the policies uniformly endorsed by Tweddledee and Twiddledum, who in the nursery rhyme formulation, "agreed to have battle."

For it is not since the 1920's that either of the "major" parties has offered a candidate that dissents from the dogmas of our essentially one party state. The axioms which may never be called into question under our soft totalitarianism are several. In no special order they are 1) assent to never ending expansion of Welfarism, 2) assent to never ending expansion of Warfarism 3) increasingly intense cultural suppression of traditional religion and morality 4) universal war against the European basis and identity of the nation, 5) fiscal policies yielding increasing economic enfeeblement and inevitable collapse 6) environmental suicide geared to plunging the nation and mankind into chaos.



8/27/2014 02:43 PM

  Eugene, Thank you for the post and please extend my high regards to Rabbi Shiller for his wise words. I hope he is still allowed to point out at least some of these truths to his young students in Manhatten.

Ray Olson
St. Paul
8/27/2014 04:39 PM

  The last presidential vote I cast was for Patrick Buchanan in 2000, so it comes naturally to me to heartily endorse Rabbi Schiller's words, except that I trace the rot from the birth of the Republican Party in 1854, while admitting that Henry Clay, with his American system--of transferring as much wealth and power into as few hands as possible, always, of course, for the sake of progress--blazed the trail for Lincoln and that gang. It's been scorched earth ever since.

8/27/2014 07:43 PM

  Ray, very eloquent and a bulls-eye. The U.S. has been functioning for a long time without any opposition party.

Eugene Girin
Forest Hills
8/27/2014 11:19 PM

  David, Because your uncle and his family live in Crown Heights, I assume they are Chabad Lubavitch Hassidim. I call them the Jesuits (in the traditional pre-Vatican II sense) of Chassidism. They specialized on outreach to liberal, secular Jews. On the other hand, I am surprised they are interested in non-Talmudic subjects such as The Founding Fathers.

Charles Byrd
8/27/2014 11:30 PM

  Abstaining from elections is an act of surrender, not rebellion.


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