Cultural Revolutions

A Time to Sue

After years of complaining about liability lawsuits against doctors and businessmen that award millions to plaintiffs and enrich unscrupulous lawyers, conservatives may finally have a few lawsuits they can support.  Across the country, victims of illegal-alien crime are filing suit against businessmen who hire them and cities that protect them.  In other words, leftists who have used the law, courts, and police to shaft Americans on behalf of illegals may soon get the shaft themselves.

Two of the latest involve traffic fatalities.  In McMinnville, Tennessee, Steve and Bobbie Sweet have filed a $250 million lawsuit against Porter Roofing, which employed the illegal alien suspected of killing their daughter and friend in a hit-and-run wreck in September.  The Sweets allege Porter knew that Herlin “Gato” Alvarez was an illegal alien when they permitted him to drive its trucks without a valid driver’s license.  They also allege the roofing contractor created a shell company to skirt immigration law to hire illegals.  Alvarez is still at large.

Meanwhile, two women have filed a wrongful-injury claim against Denver, Colorado, in the case of an illegal alien, Francis Hernandez, who had been arrested 16 times.  In September, in the nearby city of Aurora, police allege, Hernandez plowed his Chevy Suburban at 78 mph into a Mazda pickup, killing its two occupants and sending the vehicle into a Baskin-Robbins. ...

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