A Tale of Two Subversives

Battling Christophobia in California and Serbia

The intention of postmoderns to destroy real people, with their natural loyalties, traditional morality, and inherited cultural preferences, is the same everywhere.  Its specific manifestations may be different in the United States and Serbia—the homes of our two interlocutors and my good friends—but the underlying motivation is identical.  It is Christophobia, the incubator of countless secondary pathologies that are imposed and celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic under the label of diversity.

Having suffered countless disasters and progressive disintegration during the modern era, how may Christian civilization be effectively revived?  “For true-blooded Western conservatives, this is the overarching question of their political life,” says Greg Davis, as we savor boutique vodkas in downtown Santa Monica.  “Conservatives are forever trying to get back to something better, sounder, nobler, truer.  But how far back?  A decade, a century—a millennium?”

I met Greg five years ago, while he was producing and directing the must-see documentary Islam: What the West Needs to Know.  He is a soft-spoken convert to Orthodoxy, in his mid-30’s, with a Ph.D. in political science from Stanford and an abiding sense that our civilization is collapsing.  Western conservatives, he says, are hoping to save the key institution of the West—namely, Christianity—but...

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