A Tale of Two Queenslanders

Letter From Australia

Peter Hollingworth was born in 1935.  After completing his national service, he joined the Anglican ministry, serving both at the parish level and in philanthropic roles.  He spent a quarter of a century helping to run a leading Australian charity, Melbourne’s Brotherhood of Saint Laurence.  Appointed Anglican archbishop of Brisbane in 1989, he was named Australian of the Year in 1992.  Prime Minister John Howard appointed Hollingworth Australia’s 42nd governor-general in 2001 (upon the retirement of Sir William Deane, whose incurable unctuous leftism earned him the widespread nickname “Shadow Minister for Social Security”).

Bill D’Arcy, born in 1939, upheld ethics somewhat different from Hollingworth’s.  He worked from the early 1960’s as a teacher, in which function he distinguished himself by an innate inability to let schoolgirls alone.  With one student, he proceeded somewhat cautiously, confining himself to undoing her bra, fondling her, and vowing to thrash her if she complained.  At least three other girls found him more overtly violent.  One unforgettable day, he carried sex education to its logical conclusion by raping a pupil in front of her classmates, pour encourager les autres.  It took almost three decades for this background, which ultimately resulted in 18 indecency charges, to damage D’Arcy’s political career. ...

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