In the Dark

A Snow Job on Rodeo Drive

Bridge of Spies
Produced by DreamWorks SKG 
Directed by Steven Spielberg 
Screenplay by Matt Charman, 
Ethan Coen, and Joel Coen 
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures 

Steven Spielberg’s new movie Bridge of Spies recounts the Cold War spy swap America made with the Soviet Union in 1962.  We gave the Russkies atom spy Col. Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), and they returned our downed U2 reconnaissance pilot Gary Powers.  The film is beautiful to behold, filled with superior performances, and, if taken at face value, seriously misleading.  It lists so far left, you half expect to hear bilge pumps on the soundtrack.

The film begins in 1957 with the arrest of Soviet spy Rudolf Abel, born William Fisher.  Spielberg and his writers (Matt Charman, and Ethan and Joel Coen) contrive to make of Fisher a wholly admirable martyr-hero to the Soviet cause.  They seem to forget that the KGB sent him here to do grave damage to America.  Beyond acquiring and sending atomic plans to his home country, Fisher was serving far vaster aims.  His spy masters had gone so far as to imagine that, should the Soviet Union prevail in a war on its Western enemy, he might one day have a hand in taking over the American East Coast.  The key to winning this war would be, of course, the atomic information Fisher was sending them. ...

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