A Rumor of War

George W. Bush’s man at the CIA, Porter Goss, is now purging the agency, an act prompted by the persistence of certain parties in the CIA in presenting the White House with “reality-based analysis.”  Since such analysis presented a road block to war plans, Goss was ordered to rid the agency of “disloyal” employees, meaning a number of intelligence professionals who simply wanted to tell the truth.  And the truth did not support the neoconservative plan for “World War IV”—a plan for invading and occupying a number of Middle Eastern states (beginning with Iraq), installing “democratic” (read: “pro-U.S.”) governments, and otherwise making the world safe for Israel.  Capturing or killing Osama bin Laden and destroying Al Qaeda were, in fact, never at the top of the neoconservative wish list.

The White House and Rumsfeld’s Department of Defense found a way to get around “reality-based analysis” by creating their own “intelligence” operation, the so-called Office of Special Plans (OSP) at the Pentagon.  The OSP reportedly hired scores of temporary “consultants”—including lawyers, congressional staffers, and policy analysts from pro-war Washington think tanks, few of whom possessed any intelligence experience—to sift through mountains of raw intelligence materials.  The OSP did not participate...

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