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Debunking the Whig Theory of History

Once, before giving a speech in Cincinnati, I met the chairman of the history department at Xavier University. I told him that I was going to talk about the sexual revolution and how it had been used to destroy Catholic political power in the period following World War II (the thesis of Part III of my book Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control). My rendition of this chain of events culminated in a description of a July 1965 conference at the Vatican between John D. Rockefeller III and Pope Paul VI. During this meeting, organized by the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, then-president of the University of Notre Dame and a member of the board of directors of the Rockefeller Foundation, Mr. Rockefeller volunteered to write the Pope's encyclical on birth control (knowing, I suppose, what a busy man the Pope was). In a letter composed shortly after the meeting, Mr. Rockefeller said that the Pope and "his church" were no match for the tide of history, which would sweep away the Catholic Church if it did not get with the contraceptive propaganda campaign being organized by Mr. Rockefeller's Population Council.

The history department chairman's jaw dropped, and he finally gasped, "You mean it was guys in a room somewhere?" Yes, as a matter of fact, it was. I had just named the guys, and — since the Pope holds audiences in certain chambers set aside for that purpose—the room as...

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