Cultural Revolutions

A Racial Revolution

“My tradition is not to remark on cases where there still may be an investigation,” declared President Obama as he upstaged New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio on December 3, speaking from the White House Tribal Nations Conference.  His statement was not difficult to evaluate for its truth content, but remarkable—even from him—for its revelation of his royal vanity.  Mr. Obama has been very busy lately turning everything into a show about him, as he makes speeches that are overloaded with the first-person singular in some form.

No matter which version you prefer of the horror flick The Blob (1956, 1972, 1988), the film wherein an alien life form absorbs everything into itself is not a bad model of the Obama Effect.  A local problem of civic disturbance resulting from the shooting death of a black citizen by a white policeman had Obama all over it as if he were the Rev. Al Sharpton—and indeed, the President has been spending a lot of time with the Reverend, consulting him about “Ferguson” and other pressing issues.  Now why would Obama so pointedly flaunt his grotesque outreach to such a respected advisor?  But to understand this, we must go back in time to see the sequence of events.

So we must remember that the shooting of Michael Brown, and the broadcast images from August 15, were well before the date of the fall elections.  By November 20, the...

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