Cultural Revolutions

A Pro-Abortion Government

As Pro-Lifers now face a monolithically pro-abortion federal government, it might be useful for them to look at last year's Supreme Court decision about Guam. Despite robust opposition from Justice Anthony Scalia, the Court refused to hear Guam's abortion case, which means the ruling of a California court striking down all of Guam's restrictions on abortion as "unconstitutional" still stands.

Almost as abhorrent as the decision itself was Charles Krauthammer's incredible interpretation of it: "The moral of the story is that democracy works. In a democracy the law comes to reflect the people's basic mores." Abortion will remain unrestricted in Guam because an American court over four thousand miles away from the Pacific island has overruled the locally elected government's legislation. Krauthammer calls this democracy at work.

In a sense, of course, this is nothing new. Pro-abortionists have always pretended opposition to abortion came from a minority wishing to control the country. In actual fact, the Supreme Court's 1973 decision was a classic ease of judiciarchy—of the federal court outlawing the democratic process of the state legislatures. What makes Krauthammer's interpretation unique is his amazing ability to stretch these pro-abortion populist pretensions into what is essentially a foreign country.

Guam is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana...

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