Cultural Revolutions

A President at Golf

The confusions of our day are so many and so inherent that we have no time or attention to spare for empty issues or nonproblems.  The remarkable situation of President Barack Obama is one that deserves some restraint in judgment, for we may soon find that certain difficulties are part of the deal, not individual quirks.  Commenting unnecessarily on matters yet to be adjudicated would seem to be an idiosyncratic indulgence of this former professor of constitutional law, but playing golf is something else altogether.

For years now, I have been seeing photos and reading text and hearing about Barack Obama and golf.  Surely, I am not the only one who recalls all those photos of him in shorts, looking somewhat spindly-shanked.  Well, yes, shorts are rather undignified, but in the heat of summer, pants are rather hot (though they are not hot pants), so make up your mind.

But my point is that all the inane comments and wasted space on the President and golf are misconstrued.  I think I know why he plays golf and why others in his position have played golf, so I want to set the record straight, and since everyone evidently takes dictation from me, here we go.

There is an implication that the Chief Executive is wasting his time in trivial pursuits, and I don’t mean the board game.  And this implication is just wrong—wrong as to human psychology, wrong again as to the nature of...

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