A Pig in a Poke

Never did I appreciate so much the genius of the Founding Fathers as after finishing this remarkable biography of President Clinton. The authors of the Constitution created a government which makes it impossible for the United States to be transformed into a continental Dogpatch some millions of square miles in extent, which is precisely what this country would be if President Clinton could run it as he did his Arkansas fiefdom—that small, dirt-poor Southern state—as governor for six terms.

Ms. Oakley, who as a Little Rock political journalist saw and talked with Clinton almost daily from 1979 on, has provided us with facts, figures, and inside stories about Clinton in Arkansas which add up to the single question: how did this super-conman become President of the United States? Had her book been published before the 1992 Democratic National Convention, it is doubtful that Clinton could have been nominated, let alone elected. Readers of Ms. Oakley's documented stories of Clinton's violations of law and decency while governor of Arkansas will also ask:

1) How did the national media, electronic and print, with the possible exception of the New York Times and the Washington Times , fail to examine Clinton's scandalous record as governor?


2) How was it that Clinton's opponents for the nomination—Tsongas, Brown, Kerrey, and others—never...

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