A New Logic of Human Studies

Consider the following paradoxes. A welfare system designed by well-meaning politicians guided by the advice of the wisest sociologists and economists available, costing billions of dollars, whose net effect is radically to increase the numbers of the poor, especially women and children, and to deepen their misery, incapacity, and despair. A stock market which rises because the statistical instruments designed to detect similarities with previous rises are causing investors to make it rise in the same pattern and which helps to generate the financial conditions it predicts. A social polity expressly created to ensure the equality of all citizens, which produces an archipelago of concentration camps across a continent and whose theoretical dismissal of the concrete effectuality of theorizing unleashes real social forces of unparalleled savagery. A foreign policy which depends for its effectiveness on the government's ignorance of its existence and implementation. An economy which attracts foreign investment by borrowing so much money that it is able to remain politically stable and thus economically healthy.

More and more of our collective life seems now to be populated with such logical monsters, such scyllas and charybdises of reflection and feedback. Yet good as well as evil can be compounded by the peculiar kind of interest which they offer; unfairly, unto him who has much, much shall be given and the kingdom of heaven is like...

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