A New Agenda

A New Agenda
i^fA NEW\\\r\nAGENDA!\r\nWm :W.\r\nx^iTj^f. ^- /%\r\nShoot the Losers\r\nImmigration and the End of Constitutional Government\r\nby Samuel Francis\r\nT lie noNclist ¥. Rcicl Biicklc\\' once told a ston' about a Mexican\r\nwoman w ho w orkecl for his femiK- as a maid or nanm' dnring\r\nthe 19^()'s. The woman knew that Bnckle\\'s fatlier, William F.\r\nBuekle\\, Sr., w as a strong opponent of bVanklin D. Roosc\\elt in the\r\n\\9M presidential campaign. Wlien she lieard that Roosevelt liad\r\naetnalh' won the election, she burst into tears: She assnmed that the\r\nFDR \\ieton meant that \\Ir. Bnekle\\ would now be shot.\r\nC^,i\\en the resemblances beh\\'een Roose\\elt and the I'.uropean\r\ndictators of the same era, the woman may ha\\e been closer\r\nto the truth than most people realize, and if on one le\\cl the\r\nstor\\ illustrates how eonshtntional go\\ ernment ma\\- not be able\r\nto sur\\ i\\e mass immigrahon from countries where coushtuhonalism\r\nand its ]5resuppositions are \\irtualK unknown, it also suggests\r\nthat Americans were perfecth' capable of dcstro\\ing their\r\nown constitutional tradition without the help of an\\' immigrants\r\n—from the Third World, an\\wa\\'.\r\nConstitutional goxernment depends upon shared, unwritten,\r\nand largel\\- unconscious assumptions drawn from the eivili/ational\r\nocean on w hich a paper eon.stitution floats. An\\- given constituHon\r\n—the British, die American, or c\\'en what those in I'.urope\r\nlike to call their "constitutions"...

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