Vital Signs

A National Championship for Duke

Probably, we should drop the whole Dukie mess.  After killing enough trees to paper over the Western world and using up enough nonrenewable energy to fight at least a little war someplace, nothing has changed in the Research Triangle.  Duke is still as expensive as ever, as “highly rated” as ever, and its lacrosse team almost won a national championship!  And about the same number of fans paid attention to their narrow loss to Johns Hopkins as always pays attention to lacrosse.

Duke’s faculty is still dominated by the postmodernist mythology of the “Group of 88.”

The “exotic dancers” (an interesting euphemism for their act, don’t you think?) got less than 15 minutes of fame—but little blame, no big book deals, and who can remember either of their names?  They are now back in well-deserved obscurity.

The “student athletes” on whom so much attention was focused have been, according to most accounts, completely exonerated.  (“It was like a pile-on,” said Reade Seligmann, when their “innocence” was declared.)  They will not, one can safely predict, suffer much longer.

Several lawyers are quite a bit richer, which always happens when sensational cases involve well-to-do families and fabulously wealthy universities.

Mike Nifong has been disbarred and may face criminal...

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