A Nation of Losers

Pat Buchanan’s threnody on The Death of the West has upset Mr. Buchanan’s conservative enemies, who cannot forgive him for violating the GOP’s famous 11th Commandment—not “Thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans,” but “Thou shalt not bite the hand that feeds us.”  No one can actually dispute Buchanan’s main thesis: that European America is disappearing before our very eyes.  Our people, both the old WASPs and the more recent European immigrant stock, are not reproducing, and to replace the children we are killing or not bearing, we are importing tens of millions of highly fertile immigrants, who, upon arrival, are entitled to benefits and privileges that we are denied.  To finish the job, the entire educational system from preschool to graduate school has as its principal goal the elimination of the last shreds and tatters of our civilization.  Whether you regard this development as a good thing or a bad thing depends on your point of view, but no honest man can deny that it is happening.

Then why all the fuss from the conservatives?  If they regard the prospect of Americans vanishing from the face of the earth as something to cheer about or, at least, as nothing to lament—as most of them do—why not simply say so?  But to profess such an opinion openly would be as good as to admit they are leftists, albeit capitalist leftists...

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