Between the Lines

A Moment of Anticipation

Are we tired of winning yet?

This is the question Donald Trump kept telling us we’d be asking ourselves if he succeeded in taking the White House—and I have to confess the answer is an emphatic “No!”

Join me on a journey through the past, when the editors of Chronicles and the friends and followers of Murray Rothbard were convened at one of the first sessions of the John Randolph Club, that exclusive society where liberty is honored before all and equality finds its place among the minor virtues.

Back then, you’ll recall, the whiff of revolution was in the air, both at home and abroad.  The Soviet empire was disintegrating faster than anyone could keep track of: The mighty colossus that conservatives had feared, warning of its will and power to destroy us, was no more.  The inner sanctum of the Leninist heresy, the Soviet Union itself, was collapsing before our eyes—not with a bang, but with a whimper!

The world was taken aback; nobody had come close to predicting this.  As the Soviets were collapsing, the neoconservatives were declaring it was all a trap—yes, a desperate deception designed to lure us into complacency and then strike while the iron was hot.  According to them, the Soviets were successfully hiding a huge weapons arsenal that could wipe us out in a first strike.  Reagan wasn’t buying it, and the neocons...

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