A Modern Greek Tragedy

Greece is under the influence of an aggressive (and violent) left, which has made common cause with liberals in an attempt to eliminate every vestige of the Hellenism that is so deeply rooted in the psyche of the indigenous population.  Of course, they call it political correctness and modernization.

Following the familiar pattern of the left in the United States and Western Europe, the Greek left’s modus operandi includes a concerted effort to ply our children with the opiate of Marxism.  They continually seek to alter the content of school textbooks, even in primary education, to promote a rationalist, multicultural, and secular approach to every subject, including our glorious history.  Peoples who threaten our sovereignty, civilization, and national existence are portrayed as “friends” and “neighbors.”  Thus, such unpleasant “details” as the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 are carefully concealed—or even blamed on the Greek nationalist right—while the heroic struggle against British colonial rule (including the EOKA’s memorable stand in Cyprus) is portrayed as nationalistic, chauvinistic, and fascist.  Today, Greeks are struggling to understand why our “friends” from the east occupy a large part of Cyprus, challenge our sovereignty in the Aegean Sea, and send us hundreds of illegal immigrants every day.

After the civil war (1946-49)...

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