Cultural Revolutions

A Media Circus

Karla Faye Tucker's execution in February for a grisly double homicide turned into a circus, complete with roaring helicopters with searchlights, live broadcasts via satellite, throngs of death penalty supporters and protesters, and scores of reporters (including disapproving "enlightened" Europeans). Why such a frenzy?

As detailed endlessly in the month before her death by such divergent entities as the 700 Club and CNN, iMs. Tucker was a "changed" woman, a born-again Christian who had been "rehabilitated," and therefore deserving of clemency. She desired life without parole so that she could continue to spread the Gospel to other inmates and be a living example of the redemptive work of Christ. To her credit, she stated that she was not afraid to die. However, she was praying to be spared. She compared herself to Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane pleading with God that He take away the cup of death: if Jesus Himself could ask for clemency, she felt she could as well. All of the interviews with Ms. Tucker were the standard, super-sensational bombshells, achieving their intended purpose of leaving the public wondering, "How can this poor woman be put to death?"

The whole sad episode was summed up in this misguided woman's Christian analogy. While I was not surprised that CNN's nominally Jewish, actually agnostic Larry King did not refute it, where was the instruction...

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