A Mayor for London

Welcome to Britain.  The day I arrived, just as London’s mayor officially declared the city open for the Olympic Games, there were two-hour lines to pass through border controls at Heathrow, and that was just for us lucky British passport holders.  Earlier that morning, police had been forced to intervene to deal with unrest after a crowd of frustrated arriving passengers had first begun giving airport officials what the Brits call some “verbal,” and then subsequently formed a flying wedge to storm past Immigration without showing their documents.  According to a report in the Times of London, “counter-terrorism officers tried to intercept the mob, but succeeded in stopping only about twelve of them.”  Alan Fitzpatrick, a London hotelier returning from Detroit, described how some of his fellow travelers made “a dash for it, pushing police, airport security, and Border Agency staff aside in the rush.”  He added: “It was an incredible sight.  There were scuffles, people being knocked to the ground, then a resignation from the powers that be, who stepped aside to let the crowd through.”  As a result of this incident, Theresa May, the U.K. home secretary, was forced to concede that there had been “issues” following her decision to reduce manpower at airports while simultaneously reintroducing full passport...

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