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In a sane world, Dinesh D’Souza would not merit a single inch of this column.  The greater Middle East, Islamic terrorism, Korea, the Balkans, the imperial mind-set, and many other problems and challenges America faces around the world would take precedence over the musings of a self-designated “conservative intellectual” with few original ideas and little ability to express them coherently.

We live in strange, postmodern times, however, in which Mr. D’Souza’s views on Islam and terrorism are taken seriously by many decent, reasonably educated Americans.  His views deserve our attention not because of any intrinsic value in them, but because his status as a mainstream conservative is illustrative of the state of the “movement,” and the prominence given to his claims is detrimental to America’s ability to wage the “War on Terror” successfully.

In his latest New York Times best-seller, The Enemy At Home, D’Souza asserts that conservative religious believers in America should join forces with conservative religious believers in the Islamic world to combat their common enemy: the cultural left.  In order to build alliances with traditional Muslims, he asserts, the right must take three critical steps:

First, stop attacking Islam.  Conservatives have to cease blaming Islam for the behavior of the radical...

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