A Living Library of the Law Revived

“It is best that laws should be so constructed as to leave

as little as possible to the decision of those who judge.”


Here Lies Edward Coke, Knight of Gold, of Imperishable Fame, Spirit, Interpreter, and Inerrant Oracle of the Law, Discloser of its Secrets—Concealer of its Mysteries, Thanks Almost Alone to Whose Good Office, Our Lawyers Are Learned in the Law.  A River, Torrent, and Flood of Eloquence, Singular Priest of Persuasion.  Divine Master.  In Courts, He Spoke In Such a Way That One Would Believe Him to Have Studied Only the Secular, But He Lived as One Who Had Studied Nothing but the Divine.  Most Devoted Investigator of Profound Faithfulness.  Integrity Itself, Always the Most Constant Advocate of the Cause of Truth Corrupted Neither by Favor Nor By Gifts.  Exceptionally Merciful, the Defendant was Dearer to Him than he was to Himself (Which is a Miracle).  He Often Heard Sentence Pronounced Against Himself with Dry Eyes Though Sentence Was Never Pronounced by the Man without Tears.  An Ocean of Knowledge Who Alive was a Living Library, Deceased, Deserves the Name of Father of a Library, Father of Twelve Children and Thirteen Books.  These Monuments May Crumble, The Marble Decay, (Except that they Show that his Children were Pious).  He is His Own Monument...

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