A Life in Sketches

A Life in Sketches
cies created vulgarity and the moronic\r\nmind that accepts it? To me\r\ntelevision is just one more facet of\r\nthat considerable segment of our\r\ncivilizahon that never had any standard\r\nbut the soft buck [November\r\n22, 1950].\r\nRight. And as long as Raymond Chandler\r\nmakes with what he called the "magic"\r\nand the "music," he will alwa\\s have\r\nan audience. Chandler respected what\r\nHammett had accomplished in fichon,\r\nbut he wouldn't have liked his letters any\r\nbetter than they deserve.\r\n/.(). Tate is a profensor of English at\r\nDowling College on Long Island.\r\nA Life in Sketches\r\nby Bill Croke\r\nTravels With My Royal:\r\nA Memoir of the Writing Life\r\nby Robert Laxalt\r\nReno and Las Vegas:\r\nLlniversitv of Nevada Press;\r\n216pp.,$2L9S\r\nIf Nevada can be said to have a first\r\nfamily equivalent to the Kennedys of\r\nMassachusetts, that family is the Laxalts.\r\nThis immigrant Basque clan of a century's\r\nresidence has given America a U.S.\r\nsenator (Paul Laxalt, now rehred) and a\r\npoet laureate, Paul's late brother Robert,\r\nwho turned the Basques' experience of\r\nthe West into literature.\r\nRobert Laxalt (1923-2001) was bom in\r\nAlturas, California, the of six children\r\nof Dominique and Therese Laxalt, immigrants\r\nwho hustled through the Depression\r\nby everything from bootlegging to\r\nsheep ranching to the operation of the\r\nsmall Basque Hotel in Carson Cit\\\\ Nevada.\r\nLaxalt grew up there in a Norman\r\nTo Subscribe\r\n(800)...

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