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A Legendary Failure of Liberalism

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By:Pat Buchanan | May 20, 2014

When Brown v. Board of Education, the 9-0 Warren Court ruling came down 60 years ago, desegregating America's public schools, this writer was a sophomore at Gonzaga in Washington, D.C.

In the shadow of the Capitol, Gonzaga was deep inside the city. And hitchhiking to school every day, one could see the "for sale" signs marching block by block out to Montgomery County, Maryland.

Democratic and liberal Washington was not resisting integration, just exercising its right to flee its blessings by getting out of town.

The white flight to the Washington suburbs was on.

When this writer graduated in 1956, all-white high schools of 1954 like McKinley Tech, Roosevelt, Coolidge and Anacostia had been desegregated, but were on their way to becoming all black.

Across the South, there was "massive resistance" to Brown, marked by the "Dixie Manifesto" of 1956, Gov. Orval Faubus' effort to keep black students out of Little Rock Central High in 1957, and the defiance of U.S. court orders to desegregate the universities of Mississippi and Alabama by Govs. Ross Barnett and George Wallace.

While he has received little credit, it was Richard Nixon who desegregated Southern schools. When he took office, not one in 10 black children was going to school with whites in the Old Confederacy.

When Nixon left, the figure was close to 70 percent.

For nearly half a century, no black child has been denied entry to his or her neighborhood school because of race. Ought we not then, with Stephan and Abigail Thernstrom in the Wall Street Journal, celebrate Brown "as a truly heartening American success story"?

Certainly, by striking down state laws segregating school children, Brown advanced the cause of freedom. But as for realizing the hopes of black parents, that their children's educational progress would now proceed alongside that of their new white classmates, it is not so easy to celebrate.

For despite half a century of desegregation, three in four black and Hispanic children are in schools that are largely black and Hispanic. And the old racial gap in test scores has never been closed.

A May story in the Washington Post reports that not only has there been no gain in U.S. high school test scores in reading and math -- the USA has been steadily sinking in rank in international competition -- the disparity between black and white students has deepened.

The quadrennial test given in 2013 to 92,000 12th-graders by the National Assessment of Education Progress, the nation's report card, found that the test scores of Latino students are today as far behind those of whites' as in 1999. The gap between white and black high school seniors in reading and math has widened.

Speaking in Topeka on the anniversary of Brown, Michelle Obama bemoaned the fact that, "Today, by some measures, our schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech.

"Many districts have actually pared back on efforts to integrate their schools and many communities have become less diverse."

Ms. Obama is undeniably correct. Yet, there are other realities that folks need to stop denying.

First, as the Thernstroms write, where white children were 80 percent of public school students in 1970, today they are 50 percent and falling. In California and Texas, whites make up 27 and 31 percent respectively of the public school enrollment.

If 74 percent of black kids and 80 percent of Hispanics are in minority-majority schools today, those numbers are inexorably going to rise, as white students become a new national minority.

Second, there is no conclusive research that black kids learn more when sitting beside white kids, just as there is no evidence that Head Start has any positive enduring impact on pupil achievement.

Third, after trillions dumped into education at all levels since the Great Society, with the educational gap persisting between whites and Asians and blacks and Hispanics, it is apparent the education industry has not only failed the nation. It has no idea how to close that gap.

Fourth, while Michelle Obama may cherish diversity, the wealthy white liberals who dominate the D.C. metropolitan area appear to prefer living in predominately white neighborhoods and sending their children to predominantly white schools, be they public or private.

The 60 years since Brown in D.C. have demonstrated another truth. There is no correlation between dollars invested in education and student achievement in schools where the money is spent.

Per capita expenditures for students in D.C.'s schools invariably rank among the nation's highest, while the test scores those tax dollars produce invariably rank among the nation's lowest.

And whom should be held accountable?

Since D.C. got the right to vote, no GOP candidate has ever carried its electoral votes. Obama won the city with 93 percent in 2008. And since home rule half a century ago, we have had only black Democratic mayors and liberal Democratic city councils.

This social debacle belongs to liberalism alone.



Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Web page at




robert m. peters
5/20/2014 08:07 PM

  I agree with Mr. Buchanan in most things as reflected in what he writes in print and says on the air; however, his continued allegiance to the GOP still and yet baffles me. The leader of the "nine divines" who decreed "Brown" by judicial fiat using extra-constitutional powers and extremely poor jurisprudence was a Republican. If one is trying to "out integrate" a group of liberal intellectuals and ideologues, one can cite the fact that it was under a Republican President, namely Nixon, that real integration was carried out through the Department of Justice and other federal agencies; but it is hardly a "conservative" argument. One is not quite sure how "Brown advanced the cause of freedom," since the already weakened authority of the states was weakened even further, unable to make and execute laws which reflected the traditions, customs and habits of their respective people, since white students could not exercise their freedom of association and since black students could not exercise their freedom of association. Operating well within the penumbra of Brown and within the framework of intentions established by the Nixon White House pursuant to Brown and subsequent federal laws, Federal Judge Norman Scott effectively destroyed several thriving communities, black and white, in my parish with his uncompromising decrees. Mr. Buchanan's assertion notwithstanding, there is no freedom to be found in Brown. What the Democrats (liberals) did to D.C., if we accept what Mr. Buchanan says, the GOP did to the entire South over a much longer period of time. Actually, the GOP is still doing it, drowning us foolish Southerners in the warm milk of their cynical and disingenuous pandering!

Clyde Wilson
5/20/2014 08:42 PM

  Well said, Dr. Peters. And let's not allow them to forget that that segregation they are talking about is IN THE NORTH, especially in the bluest States.

5/20/2014 08:59 PM

  Mr. Peters, Yes, certainly the GOP is not our savior and may in fact be more like a serpent the way it crawls on its belly sunning itself on duopoly beach either with the scantily clad free thinkers or the highest bidders downtown. All the while tempting to provide all GOP 'ers who will follow with the knowledge of good and evil. Yet even so, I would rather read Pat Buchanan than 98 % of the rest of what passes today for conservation among our "conservative"class.

robert m. peters
5/20/2014 09:30 PM

  Dr. Wilson, It is not just in the schools in the blue states, when I make my annual visit to a certain Northern city each summer, the parks, restaurants and stores are teeming with folks whose ancestors were from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen or Berlin, those along with no few well-mannered Asians who we used to be able to call Orientals or Morgenl√§nder. To find displaced and uprooted Southerners of African heritage one has to go to the fringe of that city Walmart, that corporatized Southern bastion of cheap Chinese goods financed by the faux money bond-lent by the fed and paid for by the faux money in the form SNAP cards and like instruments. Just a few miles apart, but actually worlds apart. Robert, I thoroughly enjoy reading Mr. Buchanan, even the few times I disagree with him.

Clyde Wilson
5/21/2014 11:54 AM

  The entire history of race relations in the U.S. in the last two centuries is a massive and vicious exercise in hypocricy and malice by the cult of "progressive" Americans. It has much less to do with the welfare of black Americans than with the contradictions of the Yankee soul.


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